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Evangelion 3.0...

My general reaction to the entire movie:

ahhhh digimon tumblr_lnogrfPM5u1qfjjak

Seriously though, am I the only one who thinks it was partly an "answer" to End of Evangelion?

Comics + GLS sung by Floor

Right, well, here are some updates on this side of the Internet :3

I finally posted online the minicomic for the Warchicks! It's titled Fragmented and you can read it at these links: deviantART // MM.net

Yeah, and I posted Ara & Celi as well on MM.net. Here's the link for that. I haven't posted all the pages from Chp. 2 yet ;P

Seeing that they have really good, uh, apps? thingys? for translated comics + translations, the idea that someone very wise once mentioned to me of "hey, why don't you obviously translate your webcomic into Spanish, you big dum-dum?" (not exact words xD), I'm kind of considering doing that for A&C :P It's something I'm still thinking about it since right now a priority is just finishing the current chapter so I can go back, edit some old pages and set it all up for print.

Since I'm going to Meta Con in Minnesota this year :B Yep! It'll be my first time going there, so we'll see how it goes. It's in August-Sept.

And lastly, more fangirling from me over Floor Jansen. Recently she's been touring with Nightwish because their second singer Anette had to leave the band amicably. (Most people think due to health reasons, two babies + fans just outright still threatening her over the first/old singer Tarja's leaving. You can Google for more info or just to go to the official forums.) I really miss Anette, and I liked her as much as I liked Tarja. But dang, if Floor stays with Nightwish beyond touring, I'll be over the moon. Well, if anything, the fact that she accepted to TOUR and SING with them had me over the moon and falling off my chair every so often because I couldn't believe it.

This video is her take on one of the signature songs, "Ghost Love Score." THIS is why Floor's voice will always be the one for Delilah in my head <3

If you don't feel like listening to the entire thing, go ahead and skip to the last 3-4 minutes. :) First time I heard it (and consequently), it literally gave me goosebumps.

From the video description , "As they did for the album's first video, "If I Were King," once again Queensryche used Military.com to host the world premiere of a video from "American Soldier," the band's epic new Rhino Records release. "Home Again," a song about military homecomings, showcases vocals by lead singer Geoff Tate's daughter, Emily. The video features actual photographs submitted by the Military.com audience. The result is very moving. See more information, including tour dates at http://queensryche.com."

I was born when my father had long retired from the army but I still came close to crying ;_;

In other news, I've worked on things that I have to wait a while to show. Hahahahaha XD

Update, Synopsis writing

The comic has been updated :D http://revolutionmillennium.comicdish.com

Errr, I haven't really "talked" much, here...just announcing stuff about my work and me :P But I don't want to abandon LJ and Tumblr...eh. So I guess I'll write about something that's been on my mind lately.

I suck at writing synopses.

Well, I take that back. I've managed to write two decent synopses. I just suck at writing a synopsis for Ara & Celi. And it's not even a recent problem; I've been having this problem for yeaaarrrsss. The first version of the synopsis had dated the story and from an adult's perspective, I wrote a really "corny" summary of the story. Really basic one, and one that didn't really reflect the story.

That's really my problem, I've noticed. Wanting to write a short synopsis that properly says what the story's about but not wanting it to be two pages long (I write too much for small things). I keep telling myself "just make a paragraph, a paragraph..." and I can never do it. I end up with just like two lines of "girl who's chosen but doesn't really want the job, oopsie-doodle", which is just like the beginning. I'm also afraid of giving too many spoilers, because personally I will put down a book or movie that decides to tell me the entire plot on one side of its content because then it's really worth it to get it -- because you already know what happened! (I'm looking at you TV Guide Mag and other mags like it) So I don't want people who think like that to go away as well. In the case of comics, it's probably different because I know even though I've had a good chunk of spoilers, if the art is decent or impressive enough, I will try to buy it.

So in case my art is not appealing, I would like to grab people by the story, thus the synopsis. Too bad I didn't find out earlier that having stories set in Japan stereotypically with a magical setting were looked down upon, because of the immense frequencies of them and because "don't make a story in Japan you're not Japanese weeaboo copycat!" (it did not help I began to use the Internet eons after everyone else had it...XD) I actually understand the criticism and agree with parts of it but get rather annoyed when they're not directing same said criticism at other international creators :/ I also get annoyed because what difference should it make if the story happens to be well-researched and written with a conscious effort to not fall back on stereotypes? Ah well. I don't use that defense for myself because I don't think I should.

Researched on religion for A&C? Yes. Cultural? Yes. Have I even shown any indication of that? Nope. ;_; So again, if I even mentioned the setting in the synopsis, I just pushed away new potential fans. Which is sad, because the A&C setting won't exclusively be in Japan! Well, the beginning/set-up is. Blargh.

--I should definitely make stream of consciousness writing my trademark. But no Joyce, please.--

I'm also having another problem with another story, but I'll leave that for another entry. (I need excuses to fill out the LJ, right?)

In the meantime, this is so beautiful it deserves the gif at the end


ComicsCrux and...other stuff.

Mostly copy/paste from the DA journal :P

Tomorrow I will be among a group of Womanthologers for ComicsCrux's live Q&A chat :D ComicsCrux is a new site that will launch tomorrow, hehe. In their own words, they are "a comic book hub & social network. News, reviews, webcomics, & chances to meet new people and collaborate on projects." The chat will be at 9PM EST, which would be 8PM CST and...I don't know any other time zones by heart (yet.) Here, have a nifty time converter http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html : D

In other news, A&C stuff is going great. Warchicks stuff is going great. Well, until I finish the pages because I am still pretty unsure about its future. I decided that first I will try and submit it to a place. I'm being purposely ambiguous but basically I will have it online. If that doesn't work out, I will try and do pre-orders (whether traditionally or via Kickstarter I don't know yet) for a print version. If THAT doesn't work out or something else happens, I'll print it myself and try to sell it online...abwahahahahahahahahahaha.


Uh, I don't got anything else to update. I've made a decision to seek the movie called "Buckaroo Banzai" and watch it because the original title is cool as hell and the characters look cool.

Webcomic, Interview and Groooooooooving


Legendary Beings Ara & Celi has updated ^_^

I was interviewed! Talking Comics.com had a Women in Comics week and I was a part of it :D Go over there and check it out, if you want :)

And I just made a playlist for Ara & Celi XD It's at Grooveshark. I made it because I've noticed people doing the same (only on Spotify?) and well, this bandwagon's fun at least so why not? ( ̄︶ ̄) I wish I could edit the playlist so it plays the songs in the other I want, but hey the site's giving everyone a lot of legal free services so I'll accept it :) I know there are other people out there whose comics' playlist I want to see ;) Apparently I can edit the order! I just have to select and drag stuff XD

So here's that!

I'm also going to attempt to translate two songs again: Yume miru Shojo ja irarenai by Nanase Aikawa and Anytime Smokin' Cigarette by globe :) I translated Naked Love by Naomi Tamura, which you can see right over here. Maybe I should take a stab at translating Russian and German songs too, but my interest is in understanding the bothersome Japanese particles for now (Though translated Origa songs would be nice....♥♥♥)

Also, pen nibs are a lot awesomer than I thought *u* I think I know what my mini comic will be inked with!

Warchicks update

So according to my archives in LJ, the last entry I made related to my fictitious punk-heavy metal band Delilah and The Warchicks was last year here. If you watch my DA, you'll know months later this happened.

Well I mentioned this only on Twitter as far as I know but I managed to find the draft for the minicomic about one or two months back. Ironically enough, thanks to my library for bringing K-ON! and thus me watching it at last PLUS bands, guitars and double-neck guitar researching -- I got a little push again into drafting a proper end (instead of what I had envisioned earlier) and working on it to make it a real product. It's what I've been working while I take my breaks from computer use. I've figured out the printing costs from one local printer, since it will be done in a minicomic format that's unusual (or hasn't been used, I haven't seen any other examples). I'll have to check with the other local printer and then with PsPrint but so far my plan for it to be in color --or monochrome at the very least -- has been dashed. No duh, no wonder minicomics are in B&W >:P

If the printing turns out to be costly for a set quantity of copies even in B&W, I'm also planning to see if I can make a website for it and the band. Because I like to go out all out or go home ( ̄へ ̄)/ If you're wondering why I would make a website for a minicomic instead of my normal webcomic, well, you'd be correct in wondering, hah. When you have about 1000 business cards still left over though and you're not able to go to like no cons whatsoever....y-you tend to uh, hold off on the site until you're out of cards and/or figure out how to have a domain referral and all that jazz. *cough*

Having said that, let's get to what I've done so far...

Read more...Collapse )
What have I done lately?...well, here are my latest commissions and fanart:
Jile khelimaske -- Dancing Hearts by =JadineR
Peach Bomb by =JadineR
Amethyst by =JadineR

I'm really proud of how they turned out <3

Plus, this:

What Happens Next is...
by =JadineR

These are characters from Order of the Flowers. They're two of the flower characters featured in the set of my Copic markers experiment/practice. I'm still trying to decide what kind of coloring I'll be doing for this series, hence this pic. :) I still have to try doing just one layer of coloring/minimal shading and --if possible-- making an entire page in Copics and some watercolors. I'm kinda afraid of doing that last one. ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

I also did this sketch yesterday of Lady Clavelle, who will be very interesting to color. Mainly because she's an Albino O:

Most Albino characters’ skins tend to be depicted with peach color (i.e. same as a “White” character) when they’re more a pale-slightly-peach color. So that’s what I tried to do. But I’m worried I’d get confused in regards to shading, or whether or not I did color an area >_> Plus accuracy, naturally. Still need to practice more on that part!

These are Clavelle pre-“Ladyship”, hence why her hair is with the “correct” lack of pigmentation. The first, specifically, has her eyelashes a darker ‘yellow’ for a better representation of people with albinism. It looks slightly strange so I’m not sure if that’ll be official >_>;; I'm of the opinion that only certain artists are able to make things look just as accurate and not weird in visual representations as they look in real life. I know that I am not one of them XD Unless I practice a LOT.

I'm still not sure how to feel about how lack of pigmentation though...Albinism is basically that, but I'm confused because well, why does hair color turn out so yellow/platinum blonde in most cases I've seen??? Should it be completely white? That to me would be a better lack of color than simply yellow. Still, that's the point of research. There are many types of albinism and each one seems to overlap a bit with the other x_X It doesn't help that some sources seem to use "lack" in different ways...

I'm reminded of an article on Evangelion I read when I was a kid and how the writer said Rei was an Albino. It's the only time I remember her being referred to as such. It'd be interesting except how did she get blue hair then? :B

Comitia's own "Foreign Comix" Event


Found out about this through Twitter. Now I wish I could win the lottery.

Though at the same time, it's also weird. I can count the cons that promote original work in the US on one hand and yet I feel like going to this one more because ofogawaburukku's experiences and photos. Well, I'd like to go to TCAF which is closer but I still need to win the lottery :P But anyway, it probably has to do more with respect...in a great majority of US cons, original work (unless you're popular) is waylaid by the sidelines. *shrugs* Just got to live with it.

That being said, it's ironic considering I'm not going to AI this year. Not because I can't but basically because this year it wasn't worth buying the ticket :P Shame because I really wanted to go ;o; And now it's too late to go to any other con's AA or Dealers so it's off to Graceland in August 8D

Finished Gosick...

OH GOD EVERYONE WAS RIGHT. /sob You know something is good when everyone's right OH GOD /sob sob sob

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